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How I set up my niche sites – How to set up a niche site on WordPress

If you are just starting out with building niche websites or you have already started but want to max out your on page SEO then this post is for you. After Selecting a good niche, researching the competition, and then (hopefully) finding an exact match domain, it is time to set up your website. I go through a process that is quick and effective, I will also share some of my favourite plug-ins. Installing WordPress If you register your domains on Godaddy and many other popular hosting companies installing wordpress is easy (most of the big hosting companies have one click install). If you are not sure how to install wordpress check with your hosting company (try google or youtube for a tutorial). Setting up WordPress should take about 5 minutes, once … Read entire article »


Don’t do it Spencer! – My experience with a “google penalty” to an authority site

Recently a fellow Adsense guru and acquaintance of mine named Spencer had one of his authority domains hit hard by google. This can be a crippling blow when you are seeing traffic and authority being sent to your domain, only to have Google bend it over backwards and spank it hard! Well Spencer instead of just commenting on your blog, I decided to also do an entire blogpost for you and outline my experience with a “google penalty” My Authority Domain I was building an authority domain, this means I was targeting a hard to rank keyword with my main URL, and a number of other hard to rank for keywords with pages. I was also adding … Read entire article »

My Earnings and Projects

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in adding posts here, I live life as it comes to me so sometimes there are periods when I am just wrapped up in other adventures that I put other projects to the side. For instance a movie was shooting nearby and I signed up to be an extra for a week. I don’t get to talk to others very often as I work from home, so this was a good opportunity to meet other people and take a small break from the computer. What projects am I working on?   Amazon websites Some of you may know that I am doing a case study on a site I am building for amazon, … Read entire article »

How to Easily find an Exact Match Domain

How to Easily find an Exact Match Domain

When I first started getting really serious about building websites and making money online I realized the importance of getting an exact match domain or EMD. At first I was individually looking for each domain and having a lot of trouble finding any good domains, but then I found a method that worked like a charm and I ended up … Read entire article »

How the Panda Update Affected my Niche Sites and How I Recovered

How the Panda Update Affected my Niche Sites and How I Recovered

A reader of this blog suggested I write a post about how the Google panda update affected my earnings and how I recovered from the Panda update. I thought that was a great idea so here it is! I won’t get boringly in depth about traffic and daily earnings because that stuff doesn’t really matter. The short of it is … Read entire article »

How to Research Keyword traffic and Competition Accurately and FOR FREE

How to Research Keyword traffic and Competition Accurately and FOR FREE

This is my 2nd post in the Niche Site case study and I will be covering how I research the amount of traffic a keyword will likely get, and how hard it will be to rank for that keyword. I do this quickly, and without the use of any paid tools or software. The method has worked for me and … Read entire article »

How to Select a Money Making Niche for Your Next Niche Website

When you want to build a money making website the first and most important thing you will need to decide is what your website will be about. Many people talk and argue about the best theme / design for their site, how to increase click through rates on ads and how to write great articles that will make sales but the fact is that picking the right niche and then targeting the right keywords will result in the best conversion, the best click through rates on ads and better sales. To test this theory I used the exact same theme, ad placement and ad color on two sites I had with similar traffic. One of … Read entire article »

Niche Site Case Study Preview

Before diving into the case study I thought a preview post would be a smart move. I will give you an overview of what I will be showing you in the case study, this will give you a good idea of what is to come and help you follow along a bit better. This post will also help me stay on track and stay focused Post 1 - How I selected my niche and why (and how I plan to monetize) Post 2 – My easy and free keyword research and competition research method Post 3 – How I quickly find a domain name for free (great method if you are just looking for exact match domains) Post 4 … Read entire article »

Lets get this show on the road!

Lets get this show on the road!

Hello fellow money makers! I know I said I wouldn’t start blogging until I got about 1000 subscribers and within about a month I got up to 500. I did this by posting helpful guides on Warrior Forum which naturally got people to click on my signature and once they saw proof of my earnings you subscribed. In fact that … Read entire article »

Why you should subscribe to this blog

- Hey, my name is Jeremy Banks and this will soon be my internet marketing blog where I will show you all my tricks, secrets and tactics for free. Over the last few years I have been hitting the net hard and testing a TONNE of tactics to rank my websites on google, and monetize them with a variety of methods. In this blog I will be breaking down exactly how I make money online and helping you do the same. Where is the proof? Check out a few screen shots below to see that I am killing it online, keep in mind these are just a few of my accounts, my monthly income usually consists of Adsense … Read entire article »